Report a Wildfire: 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 from your mobile phone

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Crowhurst Wildfire is a division of Crowhurst Forest Management Group (CFMG) - a forestry consulting firm based in Campbell River, BC. CFMG specializes in helicopter and conventional harvest layout, timber valuation and harvest cost assessments. In conjunction with CFMG, Crowhurst Wildfire employs a diverse and dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about forestry and resource management.

Crowhurst Wildfire is setting a new precedent for firefighting in British Columbia. Our staff have actioned hundreds of fires throughout the country - with their expert combination of skills, Crowhurst Wildfire brings a new level of excellence to wildfire suppression.

Our staff have extensive experience with a wide array of both emergency and non-emergency response. Additionally, our firefighters are trained and qualified in resource management. The solidified background of our crews will show prominently through the comprehensive performance of our deployments.



At Crowhurst Wildfire, we are building hardworking crews that are both dedicated and ambitious in the fields of firefighting, safety, training, resource management, public education, and community involvement. We are breaking the mould of the typical contract crew and setting a new precedent of safety, experience, and excellence. 


Crowhurst Wildfire will be actively involved in the community of Campbell River and the surrounding areas. We are a group of active, fit, and outgoing individuals – and we are putting those human resources to good use. When our crews are available, we will be dedicating our time and resources back to the community. Our dedication to community involvement will include trail maintenance, landscaping, event assistance, public education, and youth mentorship programs.


We will be working with The John Howard Society's KidStart program, providing mentorship, fundraising, and support to local youths in need. Unfortunately, there is a large population of children in our Province lacking positive influences in their lives. The long-term goal of Crowhurst Wildfire is to work closely with The John Howard Society and the Campbell River Community, providing support and mentorship to the individuals most in need of this valuable program. We will continue working together to bring awareness to this cause.


Please visit The John Howard Society at www.jhsni.bc.ca to see how you can help in your community.



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